Santa’s Grotto Edinburgh 2017

Santa Claus with a sack of toys

Find Santa’s Grotto in Edinburgh,
Nov – Dec 2017, various venues.

Santa Claus is extremely busy at this time of year, popping up in shopping malls and garden centres all across the land. If your little ones want to have a word with the jolly man in red before he packs up his sleigh on Christmas Eve, here’s where they can find Santa’s Grotto in Edinburgh.

Where is Santa in Edinburgh?

Who is Santa Claus and where does he come from?

The legendary man has many names .. Saint Nicholas, Santa Claus, Father Christmas. His story dates back to a bishop named Nicholas who was born in the 3rd century in the country we now call Turkey. Giving away all that he owned, he travelled far and wide helping those less fortunate. After his death he was made a saint and stories of his kindness spread. His life was celebrated each 6th December, the anniversary of his death, with a feast and gift-giving. Dutch immigrants brought the tradition over to America in the 17th century, and Saint Nick or Santa Claus was incorporated into American Christmas celebrations. Over time, the figure has evolved into the Father Christmas we recognise today, with his long white beard, red fur-trimmed suit and hat and jolly disposition.