Dynamic Earth

Dynamic Earth Edinburgh

Dynamic Earth,
112-116 Holyrood Road, Edinburgh, EH8 8AS

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Dynamic Earth is an interactive science museum, taking visitors on a journey through the past, present and future of Planet Earth. This striking landmark is one of the top family attractions in the city, situated in the picturesque Holyrood area, beside Arthur’s Seat.

Dynamic Earth recently launched a brand new gallery called ‘Scotland’s Time Lords’. This gallery celebrates the work of Edinburgh-born scientist James Hutton, using cutting-edge technology and interactive exhibits. Known as the Father of Modern Geology, his pioneering work influenced Charles Darwin, helping to form the theory of evolution.

With fourteen other zones to visit, leave plenty of time to explore this attraction. Captivating galleries, interactive exhibits and state-of-the-art technology bring the story of our world to life. Witness the creation of earth and then follow the planet through its evolution from dry tundra to the bottom of the ocean. Experience the humidity of the tropical rainforest and a shattering earthquake, before touching a real iceberg beneath the Aurora Borealis.

One of the highlights is an epic 4D expedition 4DVENTURE. Fly from the Arctic to deep within the tropical rainforest, with exciting stereoscopic 3D film and 4D special effects.

The grand finale of a trip to Dynamic Earth is the awe-inspiring ShowDome. A dramatic 360-degree full dome projection is screened with 10.2 surround sound, providing a fully immersive cinematic experience and allowing the audience to feel part of the action.

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