Edinburgh Dungeon

Edinburgh Dungeon Boat Ride

The Edinburgh Dungeon,
31 Market Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1DF

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The Edinburgh Dungeon is a top visitor attraction offering a chilling insight into Edinburgh’s dark history through live shows and scary rides.

A visit to the Edinburgh Dungeon is a unique and exciting experience. The walk-through interactive live show brings Scotland’s history and legends to life through theatrical performance, storytelling, special effects and thrilling rides. Laugh and scream your way through an 80 minute tour based on Scotland’s real history and legends. You’ll come face-to-face with the murderous grave robbers Burke and Hare, the legendary cannibal Sawney Bean and many other horrible characters from over one thousand years of Scotland’s past.

Edinburgh Dungeon Shows and Rides

  • Judgement of Sinners – It’s the 17th Century and your fate awaits you in the Judge’s court room!
  • Witch Hunt – Enter the Witch Pricker’s chamber, but protect yourself from accusations of witchcraft or be burned alive!
  • Torture Chamber – Discover cruel instruments of torture deep in the torture chamber of the Royal Mile Jail.
  • Sawney Bean: Cave of the Cannibals – Travel by boat into the Cave of Cannibals, just in time for dinner!
  • Anatomy Theatre – Step into Dr Knox’s theatre as 19th Century medical students for the autopsy of one of Burke and Hare’s victims.
  • Burke and Hare: The Business of Murder – Meet the notorious Edinburgh grave robbers Burke and Hare.
  • Street of Sorrows – Hear the true story of Edinburgh’s plague-ridden streets from the sinister Foul Clenger.
  • The Green Lady – Hear a tale of betrayal, revenge and death, known as Edinburgh’s greatest ghost story.
  • Maggie Dickson: Hanging Around – Meet Half-hangit Maggie, survivor of her own public hanging.
  • Drop Ride to Doom! – Your sentence is carried out in the hanging gallows of Edinburgh Dungeon.
  • Labyrinth of Lost Souls – Enter a dark, terrifying maze of catacombs below the Royal Mile.
  • Market Street – Search for trinkets and treasures in this ancient and artisanal market. A shopping experience you’re sure to remember!

Please note, this attraction is not recommended for children under 8 years old.

Visit the Edinburgh Dungeon website for tickets and more information.