Gardener’s Lodge, Princes Street Gardens

Sun 24 Sep 2017

The Gardener’s Lodge is a Victorian house and garden located in West Princes Street Gardens. It is called the Gardener’s Lodge because the Head Gardener used to live there, but it is no longer used as a home. It is usually closed to the public, but this weekend it was opened up as part of the Doors Open Days programme.

The cottage was built in 1886, when Princes Street Gardens were first developed as a public park. I have always thought it was such a pretty little cottage and was excited to get a look around.

Gardeners Lodge Edinburgh

We were taken in small groups for a short tour with Marion Williams, the Director of Fundraising at the Ross Development Trust. This organisation is currently restoring the cottage as part of the regeneration project for West Princes Street Gardens. It was fascinating to hear what they have planned. They are managing various projects including the building of a brand new bandstand in the gardens and fixing the magnificent Ross Fountain, which has not worked for well over a decade. Local businessman and Chairman of the trust, Norman Springford, has already donated five million pounds to the cause and the team are constantly fundraising to keep it all going.

Gardeners Cottage Edinburgh

The cottage is really quirky inside. It has recently been refurbished and decorated with period furniture and antiques. A lovely little place to explore. I really enjoyed my visit and will follow the developments in Princes Street Gardens with interest. If you want to find out more about the Ross Development Trust you can sign up for updates on their website.

If you have young children like I do, you might recognise the Gardener’s Lodge as Great Aunt Lizzie’s house from CBeebies programme ‘Tea Cup Travels’. The outside of the building is used for filming, but the interiors are shot elsewhere.