Escape Reality ‘Jungala’

Jungala Escape Game

Mon 12 Mar 2018

Escape Reality in Edinburgh recently invited me to try one of their escape games. So I went along on Saturday with three friends to give it a go. The idea is, your team is locked in a room and you have an hour to find your way out, by following a series of clues and solving puzzles. I had never done anything like this before. So I was excited, but also a little nervous that I wouldn’t be any good at it.

Jungala was one of the easiest games available, so we thought it would be a good one to start with.

The story went .. we had discovered an old board game in the attic. Once we started playing, we were transported into an alternative realm called Jungala. We had to complete the game, or we would be trapped in Jungala for eternity. We were shown to the room by a really friendly member of staff called Vaila. She explained the rules, and left us with a tablet, which began counting down from 60 minutes. If we got stuck, we could ask for a clue on the tablet, but each clue would add a 5 minute time penalty.

The game started in a 1960s themed attic. As we unlocked clues, the story unfolded and we discovered secret doors and new surprises. The sets and props were brilliant and really added to the experience.

We found it quite tricky to work out what to do at first. There were no clear instructions, we just had to use our initiative and try different things. We did have to ask for help on the tablet a couple of times, but as we got into the game it got easier to work out the puzzles. We really had to work as a team. I’m delighted to say, we managed to get out within the hour, despite a ten minute time penalty for the earlier clues.

We were all so happy that we managed to escape, and we had such a brilliant time! This is definitely something I would do again. There are lots of other games at Escape Reality, with varying levels of difficulty. Now we know how it works, it would be good to go back and do a slightly harder one next time. I think it would be ideal as an ice-breaker activity for a stag or hen group. And we just enjoyed it as something a bit different to do with friends. Prices start from £16 per person, which I think is good value for an hour of entertainment and fun.