Edinburgh Dungeons

Edinburgh Dungeons Boat Ride

Edinburgh Dungeons,
31 Market Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1DF

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The Edinburgh Dungeon is a top visitor attraction offering a chilling insight into Edinburgh’s dark history through live shows and scary rides.

Bringing Scotland’s history and legends to life through theatrical performance, storytelling, special effects and thrilling rides, a visit to the Edinburgh Dungeon is a unique and exciting experience. Laugh and scream your way through an 80 minute walk-through tour based on Scotland’s real history and legends. You’ll come face-to-face with the murderous grave robbers Burke and Hare, the legendary cannibal Sawney Bean and many other horrible characters from over 1000 years of Scotland’s past.

Attractions at Edinburgh Dungeons

  • Judgement of Sinners – It’s the 17th Century and your fate awaits you in the Judge’s court room!
  • Torture Chamber – Discover cruel instruments of torture deep in the torture chamber of the Royal Mile Jail.
  • Sawney Bean: Cave of the Cannibals – Travel by boat into the Cave of Cannibals, just in time for dinner!
  • Burke and Hare: The Business of Murder – Meet the notorious Edinburgh grave robbers Burke and Hare.
  • Street of Sorrows – Hear the true story of Edinburgh’s plague ridden streets from the sinister Foul Clenger.
  • Anatomy Theatre – Step into Dr Knox’s theatre as 19th Century medical students for the autopsy of one of Burke and Hare’s victims.
  • The Green Lady – Hear a tale of betrayal, revenge and death, known as Edinburgh’s greatest ghost story.
  • Maggie Dickson: Hanging Around – Meet Half-hangit Maggie, survivor of her own public hanging.
  • Drop Ride to Doom! – Your sentence is carried out in the hanging gallows of Edinburgh Dungeon.
  • Labyrinth of Lost Souls – Enter a dark, terrifying maze of catacombs below the Royal Mile.

Please note this attraction is not recommended for children under 8 years old.

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