Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle,
Castlehill, Edinburgh, EH1 2NG

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Dominating the impressive city skyline, Edinburgh Castle has sat on the volcanic Castle Rock since the 12th Century. Perfectly positioned high at the top of the famous Royal Mile, it was a major defence structure for the city involved in many ancient battles. It was used as a Scottish Royal Residence until 1603 and remains an important historic monument. Today it is open to the public and receives over a million visitors every year.

Things to do at Edinburgh Castle

  • Experience stunning panoramic views of Scotland’s capital from the high position at the top of Castle Rock.
  • Explore the Castle Esplanade (area leading to the entrance of Edinburgh Castle). This was used as a place of execution in the past and a memorial was erected there for the 300 women burned as witches during the 15th to 18th centuries. There are also many military memorials and statues. It is also the venue for the prestigious Edinburgh Military Tattoo held every August.
  • At 1pm every day (except Sundays) the One o’clock gun is fired by the Master Gunner. The sound can be heard across the city, and can be viewed up close at the castle.
  • Take the tour of the castle to discover its fascinating stories. Highlights include the Great Hall, Crown Room, Royal Palace, St. Margaret’s Chapel and the National War Museum of Scotland.
  • Within the Crown Room, see the Scottish Crown Jewels, also known as the ancient Honours of Scotland (the crown, sceptre and sword of state) and Scotland’s Stone of Destiny, which was used as a traditional coronation seat for Scottish monarchs for hundreds of years.

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