Dishoom, St Andrew Square

Dishoom Edinburgh

Sun 1 Oct 2017

Last weekend, my husband and I met up for dinner at Dishoom in St Andrew Square with a group of friends. Some of us have kids and we don’t often all get out together in the evening, so we were really looking forward to it. The restaurant in Edinburgh is currently the only Dishoom outside of London. I booked it because I had heard and read wonderful things about it .. and it didn’t disappoint!

The restaurant doesn’t usually take reservations. Tables are allocated on a first come first served basis. When we arrived there was a queue right around the block to get in, but it seemed to be moving pretty quickly. Luckily, they do take bookings for larger tables, so we were able to skip the queue.

It’s a huge place with a warm, bustling atmosphere. We were seated on a lovely table on the top floor. Even though it was so busy, we were served quickly by a very friendly waiter. The menu is inspired by the Irani cafes of Mumbai, offering Indian food with an Iranian twist. We were advised to order one small plate and one main plate each, which we could then share.

I ordered lamb samosas to start and they were honestly the nicest samosas I have ever had in my life! Gujarati filo pastry stuffed with minced lamb, onions and spices. I would highly recommend them. My husband had calamari, which he said was lovely too. In fact everyone was really impressed with their small plates.

Dishoom Edinburgh

Next the mains came out. My husband and I shared the ‘Chicken Ruby’ and ‘Dishoom Chicken Tikka’. The Chicken Ruby is a curry made with a rich makhani sauce. It was absolutely delicious, with lots of spice and flavour. The Chicken Tikka was just a little too hot for my liking, but I tried it with some Raita minty yogurt and then it was perfect. We also had naan and rice, and even these simple side dishes were amazing.

We all really enjoyed the food, drink and atmosphere at Dishoom. It was such a fantastic meal, I can’t wait to go back. Next time I want to try the breakfast menu, which I have heard great things about.

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