The Wedding Singer

The Wedding Singer

Wed 7 Jun 2017

I had a great time last night at the King’s Theatre, where my friend and I saw the stage musical version of The Wedding Singer. We were transported back to 1985 to meet Robbie Hart, the best wedding singer in the business.

The show is adapted from the film of the same name. I first saw it at the cinema when I was 15 and loved it. Set in the 80s, starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, it’s a perfect story to be adapted for the stage. A love story with music, plenty of laughs and amazing 80s outfits. The musical doesn’t follow the film exactly, but it’s pretty close and includes many of the iconic moments fans will remember.

I was expecting this show to be made up of well-known 80s hits, but instead it features original songs. They are catchy, funny and tell the story really well. I’m delighted they have kept a couple of songs from the film too, ‘Somebody Kill Me’ and ‘Grow Old With You’. However, they missed out ‘Love Stinks’, which I was a little disappointed about.

I’m clearly a fan of the film, but you don’t have to be to enjoy this show. My friend, who came with me, wasn’t familiar with it but she still loved it. It’s very entertaining in its own right.

The cast were fantastic. There were some seriously dodgy American accents going on, but Jon Robyns and Cassie Compton made a sweet leading couple. Ray Quinn as the love rival was a stand out performance for me. Tara Varloop was hilarious as the crazy ex and Ruth Madoc made an excellent rapping Grandma!

If you’re looking for a funny, feel-good 80s musical, which doesn’t take itself too seriously, The Wedding Singer is for you! The show is on in Edinburgh until 10th June and then continues its tour of the UK.

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