Bambino Beats at Edinburgh Fringe

Bambino Beats Edinburgh

Thu 14 Aug 2014

Since our regular parent and toddler club is closed over the school holidays, a small group of us have been meeting up each week to catch up and let the kids play together. This week we decided on a trip to the Fringe Festival.

All of our kids are under 2 and there weren’t many suitable shows to choose from (most are recommended for age 3+). We settled on a show called ‘Inside The Musical Zoo’ by Bambino Beats, a company that runs dance, music and sensory classes for young children in Edinburgh. The show was advertised as ‘fun with instruments, animals, dancing and retro 90s music’ suitable for ages 0-6.

When we arrived at the church hall venue on Pilrig Street we were asked to sit around in a circle. There was quite a large audience of around 20 toddlers plus parents. The two ladies that ran the event introduced themselves and started the show. It lasted for an hour and was made up of children’s songs and activities all around an animal theme, interspersed with retro music such as Take That and the Spice Girls for the Mums!

My one year old daughter really enjoyed some of the activities, particularly colouring in an animal mask and playing with glittery poms poms. She was a little overwhelmed at times, I think because it moved very quickly and there were so many people and lots of noise. By the end she was pointing at the door ready to leave … until they brought out the bubble machine. Best thing ever! All the kids were loving it, and it was a great end to the show.

I think it is difficult to design a show that appeals to all children from birth to age 6, so overall they did a great job. There was a lot going on to stimulate the senses and lots of opportunity to run around and dance.

After the show we all walked up to St Andrew Square for a picnic. A lovely day out for the Mums and tots!

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